weekly photo challenge : extra, extra

Here’s what I found for the weekly photo challenge. I was not able to contain myself to one or two photos so here are a few of my favourites. First photo shows an extra delicate flower, then an extra lovely view of the harbour from the castle in Bodrum, Turkey.delicate flower harbour sceneHere’s an extra delicious looking pan of baklava.pan of baklava

I loved this extra tranquil view from our hotel window in Bodrum. We spent one day out on a boat where brave souls were able to swim in the extra beautiful blue Mediterranean.tranquil view in Bodrum beautiful water of the Mediterraneanbrave diverOn a Bosphorus excursion from Istanbul, we saw an extra-large Turkish flag – one of many on display. The end of our boat trip was extra windy, as you can see from the horizontal position of the giant soccer flag hanging under a bridge.large Turkish flag soccer flag blowing under a bridgeTruthfully our entire trip was extra special, but I really should get some work done now. Hope you’ve enjoyed my sampling of “extras”.

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