I have to admit that this week I am torn “between” working on the weekly photo challenge blog post and printing fabric. Fabric printing is clearly winning. I am taking part in a self-directed residency program at the Alberta College of Art and Design. The residency program is organized by CONTEXTURAL, a local fibre arts co-operative. I am using my residency to silk screen images on cotton fabrics which will be used in my quilts. I started with the idea of disguising some older fabrics I don’t like any more, but now I’m having fun working on all kinds of fabrics. Sometimes I work to enhance the existing design, other times I try to completely alter the design, and many times my designs fall somewhere in between! Here are a few samples.

carpet pattern abstract color abstract doodles more brush stroke design diagonal grid pattern grid patternMy plan is to print like crazy all summer and get back to quilt making in the fall. The crazy part is easy since I’m having a fantastic time!


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  1. As usual, Terri, you’re a gushing fountain of creativity. Very inspired! I am sure Kush is looking forward to laying on a stack of these when the time comes for you to do quilting.


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