I was afraid that after over a month of abandonment this page might have just disappeared. Luckily that is not the case. The first week of the new year is drawing to an end and I feel like I’m catching my breath. I’m making a concerted effort to clear space in my studio – an ongoing project that I’m getting tired of. I’m trying to get rid of some of the things I don’t need or will never use, but it’s tough going with my broad range of interests. I know I could be more productive if I could single out one technique or even one project and focus, but choosing one area of work is so difficult for me. Instead I’ll try to work one area at a time and not get distracted. Wish me luck!

My last post showed a few fabrics I’d designed and sewn into tea towels. Here are a couple more that were Christmas surprises. The first one was done for my son, Marc, who graciously brought Kush into my life. Since he won’t get his cat back, I thought the least I could do was give him something to remember her by. This is an overall view and a close up.

Kush tea towel

Kush fabric detail

The second fabric was my official “wedding souvenir” tea towel for the family. I loved working the photo into an overall pattern that isn’t obvious from a distance. The detail shows a close up of the six members of the wedding party. As you can see they were hardly having any fun.

family tea towel

detail of wedding party tea towel fabric

I still have 10 tea towels to trim and hem but I need to keep track of my time. Then I can decide whether they would be worth producing for sale. I’m setting them aside for now so I can get started on the design for some new quilts. One thing at a time, right?



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  1. These are both great! What size is a tea towel? My brother is a cat-man. He’d love the one with Kush. I was wondering if you had joined the ranks of bloggers who leave without saying goodbye. I’m glad to see that you’re still around.

    Happy New Year eight days into it.

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