Sure – I know that every creative person feels this way, but lately it’s been overwhelming! So rather than try to summarize everything I’ve got going on, I think I’ll just pick something to share so that my blog isn’t totally neglected. I’m busy working on a very stimulating project. I’m hemming tea towels. I know – you’re thinking – how can she handle that kind of excitement – and be able to tear herself away long enough to blog about it? Well, let me explain. First of all, all the fabrics I’m working on are fabrics of my design. They are printed on a beautiful linen/cotton blend fabric by Spoonflower. an online textile printing company. I have been aware of this company for several years, but it’s only after taking a class with Jane Dunnewold at Art Quilt Tahoe that I started to design on the computer. Some of my designs start with my photos and some from scans. What makes it fascinating is that I have scanned artwork that I have created, even some of the textiles that I screen printed this summer. And that’s just the beginning. Once the images are on the computer, they can be manipulated in various ways to create an infinite variety of designs. There is absolutely no end to the fun that is possible! Which brings me back to my tea towels. I love that the designs I’ve created can be made into something useful – something practical that you can enjoy. Since the towels need to be hemmed on four sides, my friend, Lynda, suggested that of course I would need to miter the corners. She described a technique that sounded plausible, but it was one I didn’t have experience with. I assumed I’d be able to find detailed instructions online. I looked and looked and looked and could not find exactly what I was looking for, so I worked with what I could find and what I thought Lynda said and started experimenting. It took a few corners, but I figured it out. I’ve finished about a dozen tea towels (which is 4 dozen corners) and by george I think I’ve got it! Several of my designs are for Christmas gifts, so I can’t show photos of them yet, but here are the steps used to create a beautiful mitered corner.

Here are a few of my designs that I can share now:altered pine cone pattern altered rust pattern altered tree pattern silk screened fabrics pattern altered rust pattern computer created imagerySorry the samples aren’t all properly pressed, but I hate to waste time doing that until they are finished. After Christmas I’ll have more designs to share.


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  1. Awards were given to Best Performance by a tea towel’s mitered corner, Terri, you and your towels would go home with the gold. Your fabrics look lovely, too. The one in image number three could do double duty a Rorschach test.

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