Slowly and steadily I continue to work on my quilts, and would people please quit asking what I’m going to do with them? I’ll let you know when I figure it out! Until then I’ll just keep working. This week I finished the hand sewing of the bindings on 3 more quilts (which means they are completely done!!!!). I also carved and stamped some images on my 2 newest quilt tops, sewed the backs, completed the labels AND got them into the mail for quilting. Yes, I’m pleased.

Now I’m sewing strips of fabric together to create my own “striped fabric”. I have a couple of ideas for the next quilts, but I need my “created” stripes to work with. Hopefully I’ll come up with something interesting. We shall see. Here are some tidbits of my work in progress.printed quilt top

hand carved stamps on quilt

date stamp

hand carved stamps on quilt

striped fabric

striped fabric


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  1. I agree with Ranu. You have the quilting gene, Terri. Just keep quilting. My grandmother had the crocheting gene. My sister cleaned out my dad’s house predominantly by herself. She found more blankets that Granny made including one she specifically crocheted for me in 1969. We knew nothing about that blanket for 45 years. How cool was that? In addition, there was a hand-written note from my mother tucked into it. I loved that added touch. Like Granny, Mom bought her rainbow a long time ago. For a moment, it was almost as if they were both still around. Well-made home-made arts and crafts filled with love by expert artisans are the best.

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    1. V, I hope my family feels the same about my work. I haven’t started “distribution” of my current work yet, but I do hope to soon. Would love a chance to show them at some point., but who knows if that will happen? Thanks for sharing your story.


  2. Terri, do you know that you can’t post a comment to your blog without going through Face Book and allow them to have all your connections, friends, everything else posted? Anyway, Does anyone ever ask and artist what they plan to do with their art? Just sayin’ Hillary

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  3. Terri! These are beautiful! Somewhere along the way I guess I missed that you were a “quilter” too?!?
    Oh my….you have some amazing talent, and some beautiful quilts as a result of it. I agree with Ranu, just keep on quilting 🙂 whatever you decide to do with them, they are beautiful works of art!

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