2015 Racing Along!

The last three weeks have flown by. I’ve completed two more quilts since my last post, so there is some proof that I’ve been busy! I created my own “fabric” by cutting and piecing fabrics together. I used commercially printed fabrics, my hand silk screened fabrics and my own designs that have been digitally printed by Spoonflower. I truly love working with all sorts of quilt fabrics – old and new. I take great delight in utilizing a range of materials, especially ones that are not pretty or new and trendy and making them work together. I love the challenge.

Here are some photos of my newest work – the center of a quilt, a sample of my printing and a close up of the borders.quilt center quilt center quilt borders printing on quilt face

Here is a shot of the back of the quilt with all my carefully ironed seam allowances, and one of Kush helping me with the ironing. That cat is so helpful.quilt back Kush on the ironing boardclose-up view

13 thoughts on “2015 Racing Along!

  1. I’ve decided that I’d like to try my hand at quilt making. I’m going to start with something small and simple, and we’ll see where it goes from there! But first, I have to start. You’re inspiring me!

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    1. So happy that you are inspired! As you can see from my photos I love quilting – especially working with colour! Would love to see what you do!


  2. I love your the patterns in your prints and the bold colors. But, when it comes to my own look in general, I prefer to wear clothes that’s the color of Kush’s fur. She is so adorable! I was hoping that you’d include a shot of your assistant lying guard over the goods.

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    1. Did you catch her in the third photo? She was testing out fabrics for the next quilt!

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      1. I just made a return visit! Kush was doing her chameleon act there!

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  3. Kush is just like my cats – always helping me. LOL The quilts are very nice and lots of work. I don’t know how you can complete them so quickly.

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    1. Thanks Sunni. The secret to getting the quilts done is to ignore everything else I should be doing.


  4. Amazing, Terri! I love the red borders. Sorry I wasn’t able to see the real things on Thursday!

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    1. It felt so good to get them into the mail. Now on to the next project!


  5. Tush has the best place to sit, the prints are very pretty.

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    1. You mean Kush’s tush? She does have some lovely colourful places to sit!


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