Here’s my interpretation of this week’s photo challenge – nothing too dramatic I’m afraid. I took the photos a couple of nights ago when I was leaving the art college parking structure. I only had my phone with me, which was a shame considering the incredibly dramatic clouds in the sky. Unfortunately the clouds did not have the decency to line up with the downtown skyline, and I didn’t have time to drive around and find a better vantage point. I do apologize for that. In my defence, the truly spectacular clouds and color in the sky are generally very short-lived.

Hope you can see these photos alright. My preview looks fine, but my edit version is totally corrupted. Guess time will tell if it works…

golden clouds clouds and city


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  1. A beautiful sky is a beautiful sky. Really lovely, Terri. I often wish I could just walk around with my good camera, but if I did, I’d accomplish nothing more than looking through the lens. I get lost in thought when I’m behind the camera. What did we do before cameras on on our phones? 🙂


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