weekly photo challenge : hands

I’ve chosen several photos (as usual) for the challenge. The first two show my hands since surgery, and trust me – they are looking good.

my hands open

top view of my hands

The next three photos show hands working on food preparation, making movements we take for granted. We humans are lucky to have those great opposable thumbs!

hand at the barbeque

hands in the kitchen

hand holding egg

Then there are two pictures of my friend and I carving printing plates. This creative work is extremely important to us. I am taking care of my hands by taking breaks and stretching while I work, instead of trying to do marathon work sessions.

hands carving

my hands carving

Kush's hand?

This last photo is not technically a hand, but I’m not going to be the one to tell the cat. Are you?

5 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge : hands

  1. LOL! What the cat doesn’t know won’t hurt him…


  2. This is a great challenge! I take lots of pics of my husband’s hands when he’s cooking, but this reminds me to branch out a bit.


    1. Thanks. If there are pictures of me cooking, they only show one hand, since the other hand is holding the camera!


  3. Definitely don’t tell the cat. That paw has claws…


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