Best get this posted as I’m getting a teeny bit tired of dealing with cookies. I love to bake them but it’s not as much fun getting the assortments packed up in various containers to give away. However, I did assemble and donate one plate of cookies for a charity auction that gave my ego a real boost. I should explain. I donated a plate of cookies to an unusual fund-raiser. It’s unusual because everyone who attends brings auction items, and everyone who attends also buys things.  Everyone is apparently very generous as this is a fund raiser for a good cause. If I understand correctly, the money raised is used to buy sewing machines for widows in a village in India, when the women graduate from a sewing program. This allows them the opportunity to support themselves. I think this is a good thing. Here’s what I sent, starting with a photo of the glass platter I used (it was probably about 16″ square):glass platter

cookies all arranged

platter all wrappedNow you can imagine my delight when I received a text during the evening telling me that my cookies had sold – for $550. I was so pleased, but already I’m trying to decide how to make something more spectacular for next year! All of the items at the auction are sold for ridiculous amounts, but I’m not letting that act as a reality check. Amazing how much more we value our work when someone is willing to pay for it!

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  1. Your donation to the support of this charity in Tuticorin, S India is so appreciated Terri. Widows will be sewing in their own homes with their own treadle machines thanks to your baking. The ‘Good Samaritans’ is a super grass roots initative that now has over 30 years of history in that community. Thanks for your beautiful (and yummy) donation.


    1. Thanks, Catherine. And thanks for telling me about this in the first place – and filling in the blanks here. You know I can’t remember details unless I write them down! That was fun to participate in and I’ll be thinking about next year’s auction!


  2. It was a marvellous idea for a fund raiser.I am glad you thought of it.In this way you have helped so many deserving persons in a part of the world,where it helps the women so much.Thank you for your effort and thanks for this awesome post.


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