Today I take a big step and test out a different theme for my blog. What do you think? I may try a few different themes over the next few weeks. Please let me know if you have any comments on the appearance. Since I spent so much time playing with themes, I thought I’d best keep this post simple just to get it done. So, what to do when I’m in a rush for material? Easy to go to my most photographed subject – Kush the cat.

I know I take time away from my work to take pictures of the cat. That is my choice. But sometimes I don’t seem to have a say in the matter. I’ve been sewing quilt blocks and Kush likes to hang out nearby and keep me company. She is continually looking for new places sleep. Here are a few of her spots:

Kush in basket of fabric strips Kush on drink trayreclining cat cat in fabric stash

Sometimes Kush decides that she wants to be more involved with my work. I was trimming blocks on my bamboo chopping block, which is next to my sewing machine. After a short rest on the board, she moved to sit on the pile of quilt blocks I was working on. Then she placed herself in front of my sewing machine, and finally she climbed on my lap and made herself comfortable, making it impossible to work.

trimming quilt blockson the cutting boardsitting on quilt blockscloser to the sewing machinecrowding the sewingcat on seamstress

Okay, that’s it for now. I need to get the new theme set up, so here goes!

25 thoughts

  1. Wow! What a fresh new look! I love it. Oh that charming Kush…how can you get anything done with that much cat fun going on?


  2. I love the blocks! I have a very large fabric collection at the moment! LOL! I seem to be inspired to purchase the fabric, then don’t get around to doing anything. I admire your project, so maybe that will move me to follow suit! Kush is a clever cat–knowing just how to get a little public adoration! 🙂


  3. What a character your Kush is! I like how light and bright this new theme is – I’m glad you’re playing around a little bit with it. Whatever theme you choose, make sure that the photos are large (like this one). They are such an important part of the story you tell…


  4. Great pix of Kush (very sweet) and a nice theme, too! I enjoy playing around with themes and recently changed mine.I know you have an artistic flair, so I’m looking forward to seeing your choice(s)!


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