This is too easy for two reasons! First reason – this was a photo challenge in July 2012 and I enjoyed it then. Second reason – I love an excuse to post cat photos, and when this challenge appeared yesterday, Kush was my obvious choice of subject. She (like many other cats) loves to hang out inside any container she possibly can, and she can make it look good!Kush in fabric basket Kush in African basket Kush in a box lid Kush in cat bed Kush in Rubbermaid Kush in a paper basketI thought I should include a photo of Felix as well – he is also a big fan of getting inside containers. As a solid black cat, he is not always easy to photograph, but he looks good in this laundry basket – lined with his very own placemat.Felix in a laundry basketHere are a few other posts I’ve done which include Kush “inside” photos – photo challenge: habit, suggestions for cat storage, photo challenge: inside and time for a little change. You can find other great postings for this week’s challenge here. They aren’t all cat photos!

I have been busy sewing on my next series of quilts, and sorting and organizing my fabric stash. It’s an ongoing process. I’ll try to share some of the studio work soon. I promise.

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  1. Thank for liking my post “Thinking Inside The Box” on Musings of a Soul Eclectic. I liked your photos very much, such cute cats. I am now following you.


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