I was in such a hurry to share my first impressions of Vienna with you that I missed my very first impression at the airport. I love new spaces and an airport usually provides a taste of where you are. I’ve included a photo from just inside our gate when we landed, a photo of a coffee shop (closed since we arrived late at night) and the baggage claim area, featuring huge advertising for Klimt’s Kiss at the Belvedere. Enjoy it – cameras weren’t allowed in the room housing the real painting.

airport departure gates airport coffee shop Kiss signage at airportHere are photos from part of the first day spent wandering close to the hotel. I’m stretching this out to limit the number of photos per post. I want to share all that I can from this beautiful city.

early morning view balcony view in Vienna street view - Graben sculpture on Graben sculpture detail newstand small sculpture on building small shop front detail of small shop front washroom entrance signage street paving stone design beautiful building - Vienna restaurant sidewalk seating building in Vienna flower shopThere was so much to see. I am having a great time sorting through photos and enjoying all the little details that appear when you scrutinize them on a big screen. Enough for now. Must get back to work.

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  1. Vienna airport was remodelled very recently. I want to least year. I was shocked when I went earlier this year.. I even asked an official to make sure I was in the right city!! I think it looks like a piano, quite appropriately. But for some odd reasons, my colleagues don’t see how I cam to that conclusion.


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