As soon as I read this week’s challenge, I thought of the Mediterranean and the seaside village of Kalekoy. I visited this magical little spot in 2007 while on holidays with my oldest daughter, Devon, and my good friend, Catherine. This was a highlight of our tour in Turkey – peaceful, isolated and beautiful.  One day was spent on a small boat. We moored 4 times – 3 times in sheltered areas to swim and once on an island where the captain cooked fresh fish for our lunch. It was a very special day, and my fondest memory of the sea.Kalekoy, Turkey view from castle, Kalekoy, Turkey bay view, Kalekoy, Turkey toast during a Mediterranean swim, Kalekoy, Turkey window view of the Mediterranean

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  1. I share your great memories of our time in Kale – a magical spot. I love the fact that the only access to the village is from the sea. The isolation adds to the sense of being in a very special place surrounded by the beauty of the sea…


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