In western Canada the leaves on the trees change color with far less drama than on the east coast. I’m okay with that. We westerners have learned to become ultra appreciative of the fall color we do see. Here’s the color in our front yard, most apparent in the viburnum lentago (nannyberry) near the pond. Our hedge is always gorgeous at this time of year. It’s a cotoneaster, and I think it is one of the best looking plants in the autumn. We need a bit of cold weather to get the colors changing, and we’ve finally had a few nippy nights to do it.front yard view cotoneaster hedge mountain ash typical fall colour nannyberry

I’ve also included a photo of a stand of larix laricina (tamarack) from a nearby park. This deciduous tree has needle-like leaves that make it look like an evergreen, and the leaves turn golden-yellow before they fall. I thought the sunlight in the late afternoon showed off the color very well.tamarack trees needles of tamarack tree

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  1. Beautiful photos! It’s been a gorgeous fall with the slow turning of leaves this year. I am not so sad to see it snow (yes, it’s snowing here this morning) when we have had a proper fall! Thanks for sharing your lovely yard!


  2. Beautiful pictures of lovely fall colors, Terri. I cannot say I’ve noticed much change in the foliage on my neighborhood’s street in Manhattan other than the seasonal drooping and falling off. Nothing very colorful there.


    1. Thanks, V. Perhaps you need to get out into the country to see the best fall colors. We flew to Mass. one year to enjoy the fall colour but were about a week early. The trees had just started to turn so it was okay but not spectacular. Thankfully we discovered outlet mall shopping so the trip was not a complete loss. (This was a few years ago – the shopping wouldn’t do it for me now.)


      1. That’s a good point about leaving my comfort zone of Manhattan, Terri (but maybe I will check out what’s going on in Central Park this weekend). Five years ago, I visited Dutchess County in upstate New York with my long-time bud, Martini Max. The fall colors were spectacular up there. Of course, this was before I had a camera.


  3. Am sure those nippy nights are just round the corner Terri ! Lovely front garden with colour there and your mosiac reflecting .


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