quilt pileFor the past year I have made quilts. I should clarify that. Before last year I had made a total of about 7 quilts, even though I’ve always been a quilter. A slow quilter but a quilter non the less. I decided that now I should make quilts 6 at a time, because you can’t hope to use up a fabric stash sewing them one at a time! Each set of 6 quilts are a series, with the same basic construction format. Of all the 96 blocks involved in making my 6 quilts, none of them are the same. I use a production method of doing lots of one thing at a time, in hopes that I can work efficiently. That means I cut strips of fabric (lots of them) and sort them by colour value before I start any sewing. I cut all the center blocks for the quilts, and then work on sewing 100 blocks. I will need 96 but have spares so that I can play with their arrangement. Once I have completed and arranged the blocks, I sew them together, creating the centres of the quilts. Then one by one I work on the borders. I like to include a border of “home make striped fabric” that I have created from sewing strips together to create yardage, and then cutting that fabric apart. If that doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry. Most of what I do doesn’t make sense to many people. Here are some photos of the work in progress on series 3. I always get help from my trusty assistant, Kush.starting quilt blocks my assistant assembly line sewing block construction comfy blocks almost finished blocksI lay out the completed blocks to arrange them. This process could go on for days, so I try to set a time limit and work within that.finished blocks arranging quilt blocksHere are the finished quilts from my first series, along with a few details.quilt 1 quilt 2 quilt 3 quilt 4 quilt 5 quilt 6 quilt detail detail with printing quilt detailMy good friend Catherine took the first and the last nine photos. I’m grateful for her time and talent which will help me to keep clean images of my work. I have my second series away being quilted now, and I’m almost finished the tops for the third series. Feels good!

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  1. I really like the method you’ve chosen to follow. What a good use of time and materials. I really love how colorful your quilts are, and the patterns are very appealing to me! It’s great to see them. 🙂


  2. I understand your “quilt talk” because I sew too, but not usually quilts. I really like these, but haven’t thought about making six at a time. That makes sense if you can use that many. I’ve made a few lap quilts, and a few full size quilts, as well as smaller kitty quilts. My cats love them. You know how felines are about snuggling into something cuddly.



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