I am delighted to thank Terri at Terri’s Kitchen (an American living and cooking in England) for my nomination for the Sunshine Blogger’s Award. This is my first blog award, and I am so pleased that someone thinks enough of my rambling to nominate me!

sunshine blog award flower

For those who do not know what a Sunshine Blog Award is, it is an award for “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere”. As an award winner, there are a few rules to follow:

  • Link the award to the person(s) who gave it to you .
  • Answer the questions that come with it. (These seem to vary a bit!)
  • Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it.

My questions and answers…

Favorite animal : currently Kush the cat

Favorite drink : water – I’m a cheap date

Facebook or Twitter : Facebook

My Passion : creating

Favorite Pattern : dots

Favorite Day of the Week : Friday

Favorite Flower : Peony

In no particular order, here are the ten blogs that I have nominated for the Sunshine Award.  Please take the time to check them out!

Musings From The Studio – a look inside Linda Cote’s art and processes
Chica Andaluza – living the dream up a mountain somewhere in Andalucia
Homemade Delish – all about food and drink
Fork and Beans – healthful eating with allergies
Emmy Cooks – daily recipes for real food from one Seattle kitchen
Joe Graff’s Recipe Blog – me, my family’s and my friend’s recipes
The Scrumptious Pumpkin – transforming fresh, healthy ingredients into everyday, delicious dishes
Terrified Tastebud – one physician’s passion-fueled leap into the professional kitchen
Art and Picture Framing – art framing and consulting
Sweet Pea’s Kitchen – my daily adventures in the kitchen
 I think that’s it – except I need to send out my notices now. Thanks to anyone following Time To Be Inspired. I hope you enjoying reading this blog even half as much as I enjoy putting it together. And thanks again to Terri’s Kitchen for the nomination.

10 thoughts

  1. I love how dots are your favorite pattern–I have a hard time choosing between dots and stripes. I’m a sucker for both 🙂 Thank you so much for this blog award–how incredible kind, for reals!! I feel so honored that you thought of me and so incredibly appreciative. And congrats on your own award too! You clearly have earned it. xo


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