Time for a sewing break – time to hit the computer and get a post done! I decided on a couple of interpretations of this week’s theme. The first is my beloved High Level Bridge. I love the look of this bridge from almost any perspective. I love how different it looks in each of these photos.High Level Bridge bridge detail bridge detailThe next photos show a full view of a tile mosaic mural that I created on the side of our house, and then a different perspective of the same mosaic. I designed a couple of small mosaic pieces using mirror to hang on the fence. That way I can enjoy a bit of colour when looking out the kitchen window – especially important in the winter!tile mosaic mural mosaic mirror showing muralBe sure to check out other challenge entries here.

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  1. I love the bridge photos, Terri, but about your mosaic, as someone whose day job is in tile, I am a spewing fountain of questions, but I will practice some semblance of self control. You say you designed these pieces using mirror, so it’s glass you cut yourself?!?! Or did you take your design to someone who created your custom pattern? The images look like it might be waterjet cut. The installation looks terrific. Bravo!


    1. Thanks! Truthfully V, I don’t mind the questions. The mirror work on the fence was made from broken mirror pieces with a few pieces of red tile around the edges. The mirror was repurposed when we renovated a bathroom so it is heavy duty. I used broken pieces and trimmed where necessary with a glass cutter. It was early in my tile career and I’d never heard of a water jet cutter at the time. I cut and sand all the tile pieces myself. It would never occur to me to get someone else to do the cutting. The mural was my first real tile project – a terrific learning experience. A friend made a teak frame for me to work in but otherwise I did all the work. On the big mural I had help with the grouting. If you search “tile work” on my blog there are 3 posts about my work. If I get organized sometime I’ll post more.


      1. I’m so impressed! I have an entire wheelbarrow over here at The Grind full of discontinued artisan tile that i have to discard. It’s all good material, but in small quantities. I wish I could email it to you. I can only imagine what you could create with it.


      2. Just hang on to it until that technology exists, okay? It’s not that far fetched when you think about where we are now. I mean, I remember being thrilled when I got a fax machine and could communicate with my sister-in-law almost “instantly!”


  2. Very nice! 🙂 The first set reminds me of an old erector set I had as a kid. Do they even make those any more? Probably not. It might cause kids to grow up using their brains instead of the cell phones. LOL That, or one of the alphabet federal agencies said they were too dangerous—someone might swallow a screw or something. Haha

    Actually, I really like your bridge photos. Nice job on the mosaic. I’ll bet it took awhile to not only put it together, but to plan it all out. Very nice.

    As for me, this theme was a bit of a challenge, but you’re welcome to come and see my take on the matter. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Cris. You can in fact still buy erector sets – amazing don’t you think? The mosaic did take a couple of months. I started with a big paper drawing but it didn’t take long before I tossed the plan and just worked with the tile. I was on a steep learning curve but it was worthwhile. I enjoy it every time I’m in the yard.


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